Saturday, November 28, 2015

So, it's been awhile

Yeah, so, it's been awhile.  I caught some flack for my lack of blogging from family while visiting for Thanksgiving.  So, here's the catch up... since July. 

Hubby's side of the family had a reunion.  

There's a bunch of them.

Here are hubby's parents with us.  July. 

Bee had her room redone again for her birthday.  The walls are grey.  She wanted teal chevrons, so this was the bedspread she chose.  It's a great birthday gift really, everybody just goes in on the pieces she wants- which is great since she doesn't want toys anymore and accidentally has more clothes than she needs.  Hubby cut her loft bed down to make a headboard.  My dad built here the yellow cubby shelf (like our shoe cubby) and we painted it to match.  She's totally proud of her room and keeps it pretty clean now.  It might be the nicest room in the house.  July. 

School started.  Bee's in fifth and Lou and I are in third.  He's right next door to me!  Hubby is in the office.  

We love our school and are so happy that we all are in the same building this year.  Next year Bee will be off to our middle school.  Gulp. 

They're not to big for the first day of school paper cones though!   (Feeling nestalogic?  First day of school Bee 2009, Bee 2010Lou 2011, Bee 20112012, 2013, 2014)

I have a sweet class again this year.  I forget how different third graders at the beginning of the year are from where we left the previous class at the end of the year.   This year I'm serving as the 3rd grade team leader and mentoring two newbies, so it's busy and fun. Mostly it's so busy you assume you must be having fun.  August.

Lou's soccer team did pretty well this year.  We played with a few of our same buddies because the dads all agree to coach together.  Working the system I guess. 

Hubby coached again.  It's always a fun time at the fields.  

Team Crew.  September.

My sweet little neighborhood bible study celebrated our third year together. Love these ladies!  Im still dressed from school.  Lou's third grade teacher is the one next to me with long brown hair.  September. 

We went on our annual camping trip.  There are two additional little ones in the picture this year- the other mama's keep having babies.  The kids outnumber us 11 to 8.  The boys play in the woods and cut thing with their pocket knives, the dads tend the fire and the moms are busy prepping meals and cleaning muddy children.  The two girls (Bee included) go between playing with the babies and cutting things in the woods. Lou is not he left in a grey shirt.  Bee is in purple holding a friend on her back.  I'm on the far right.  Hubby is holding a baby just right of middle.  We've already booked the cabins for next year. 

There's early trick-or treating- the candy is plentiful, and the decorations are scary.  It was pretty wet this year, but it didn't stop us. 

Lou was Satchel Paige, a baseball player from the 1940's negro baseball league.  He needed the costume for school and he agreed to wear it for Halloween too.  Win for me!

Bee on the other hand wanted to be an Asian lady for this trick or treating and have other costumes for the other events.  We had this at home- a large sale find.  She invited a friend to join us. October. 

The weather was great in October and we spent lots of time outside. 

Lou can finally get up and down in the neighbor's tree by himself this year.  Praise the Lord!  The neighbor's house is empty again so we're able to climb whenever we want again. It's been for sale again for several months, so I assume they'll pull it and get renters again soon.  This has been the yearly thing. 


For Halloween, Bee wanted to be a gumball machine but then wasn't happy with the costume we made.  Last minute, she was an Indian.  We had all the pieces on hand from Peter Pan and other Indian costume play

I decided to be Mary Poppins so that I could wear it to school on Book Character Day.  

Here's Lou in his Book Character/Halloween costume.  He's Satchel Paige. 

We hit a few friends in our neighborhood and then went to a friends neighborhood for some chili and trick or treating. 


In November,  we have a big event at school, Book Character Week.  Here's my sweet third grade team.  On Friday, we dress up and have our Wax Museum. 

Fifth graders do their research project and presentation on a president or first lady.  Bee drew Mary Todd Lincoln.  We made a dress.  

Here she is with her husband, Abe.  This is a little friend that I had in my class when he was in third grade.  I loved him.  I'm saving this for their wedding reception slide show.  Shhh. 

Third grade got to go see the third graders preform their speeches.  Lou and his buddies might have stopped by her booth more than once. 

Mary Todd and Satchel Paige. 

It's so fun to be at school with the kids everyday. 

Here are the staff members who dressed up. There was a last minute contest- the deer not he left won. 

Here's Lou with the board he had to create for his project.  He had to read a fiction book, research the author that wrote it.  Dress as a character from the book and present about the author.  He read Satch & Me by Dan Gutman.  I shared with picture with Dan Gutman via Facebook and he commented that it was great and he hoped Lou got an A!  November.  

That brings us to Thanksgiving.  We had our family games and the trophy went from my brother and his wife to my dad and step mom.  My youngest sister planned the games this year and did a great job.  I have bunches of pictures but haven't gone through them.  They were minute to win it style games with a candy land twist.

We usually spend our time at my Grandma's house but this year she moved into an apartment.  We met her for lunch the next day and visited her new place. We took our group photos there. 

Here's my sister and her new hubby.  You might remember their big day this summer. 

We went out to a buffet and ate more than we should have for the second day in a row.  And the desserts... oh my. 

The kids with my grandma. 

Me and Hubby with Grandma. 

My dad and Grandma.

Grandma and my siblings.   November. 

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

The big day

The day started early.  I snuck out of the hotel room at 6 am to visit the fitness room because I knew the day would be long and I'd have more energy if I could exercise first.  Then we headed to the reception venue to set up.  They opted for cupcakes for the guests and a small gluten free cake for their cutting cake.  

Here's the gift table, just awaiting gifts.

These were left over decorations that we found a spot for on a mantel in the entry.

Here are the center pieces.  My mom did all the flowers.  My sister collected the jars during their engagement. They cut wood slices from the woods on the farm but all theirs cracked and split as they dried.  They ended up borrowing from a friend. 

I'm sure she got them online somewhere, but these little coloring books were on the tables with kids.  I thought they were a fun touch.

These little paper bags were just waiting to be filled with candy...

At this amazing candy bar!  It seriously was the most well stocked candy bar I've ever seen.  I indulged more than I should have!  She ordered most of it online in pink and white to match her color scheme.  My mom and I moved the jars around for 20 minutes before we got it just right. 

I did most of the chalkboard text last month when we were in town for the shower.  

I loved the guest book table.  I don't think I've seen this idea before.  She asked the guests to write a little note on a card and stick it in a special box marked for different anniversaries.  

I saw people visiting this table all evening adding notes. 

This chickenwire window piece was borrowed from a friend and looked so great as you walked in.  Two sections are engagement photos and the other is the seating chart. 

After we set up, the girls headed off to get their hard done.  Bee liked getting her hair done better than getting her nails done the day before. 

I liked Bee's hair best of all the girls. 

My youngest sister snuck away from camp to join us.   We had some fun together. 

Lots of pictures to follow.  The church was beautiful, the bride was lovely, the guests were all pleasant, it was just a really nice day. 

Then it was off to the church for a wedding.

Sweet hubby and I were enjoying each other's company!

Family selfie.

My sisters and I recreated a photo from my wedding.  Here's this weekend. 

Here's from my wedding in 1999.  

It was one of my favorite photos from the whole day.  Someday we'll do it at the littlest sister's wedding too!

Here's three of my favorite guys, my brother, Lou, and hubby.  Lou and my brother were ushers.  Hubby was one of the groomsmen.  There was drama with the vests, but in a month no one will remember. 

The girls are ready!

They shared a quiet moment together before the ceremony reading the letters they wrote each other in their premarriage classes.  Super sweet. 

The ceremony was held at his family's catholic church.  My sister isn't catholic so it wasn't a mass, just a shorter service.  For those of us who aren't catholic, we were thankful it wasn't 2 hours long. 

I couldn't take any photos during the service of course (this was from a friend), so we'll have to wait for the photographers photos to come in.  Bee did a great job as flower girl and everything went perfectly.  

The church had a huge set of stairs outside and their exit was beautiful. 

Then they came back in for photos.  Lots of photos. 

The kids weren't needed for the next round of photos so they didn't get to ride in the limo with the wedding party.  The driver let them take a little trip around the block though just so they could say they'd ridden in a limo.  I never had either so I was just as excited. 

My mom took the kids back to the hotel for a little down time and the wedding party went on location and took photos all over.  We went to campus and took photos in fun spots like the student union building and other landmarks.  It was a hot afternoon.  Hot.  Hot.  We were so thankful the barn location she wanted as a venue had been booked two years out. So thankful.   

This photo was a sneak preview photo from the photographer Erika.  

First married selfie!

The reception was really wonderful as well.  The candy bar was a big hit.  I gave a toast and didn't vomit before hand.  Dinner was terrific.  And turns out Lou is a dancer!   I was having so much fun I didn't take many pictures.  

As we were leaving, I noticed Bee's well wished for their 5th anniversary.  Good advice.